No that is not a doily of domination. That belongs to this comic: True Magic: The Comic. I just wish that I had thought of it first! :)

Wow, we finally made it to comic one hundred! Can anyone believe it? I still remember when I started to draw comic number one, thinking that it would take forever to get to comic fifty let alone one hundred! The extra digit in the copyright looks so odd to me. I know that it will begin to look normal after a while but right now I just want to savor the victory of reaching one hundred comics.

Also, take a really good look at panel number one. There never has been or will be another comic that will have so much stuff crammed into one panel. In panel two, Purplefire says that there is a hundred items. I have counted all of the visible items and have come up with over sixty. *whew* I think I was a little loopy with the planning of this comic. Can you tell when I got tired of trying to come up with what else should be on the table? No? Good! Have fun with looking at everything that I piled on that poor table.

And of course, always remember: You never know when a doily may come in handy!









Happy 100, Purplefire,

Before writing this, I worried about confusing the readers by even posting a rant. “Wait, here’s Blueentity, at the bottom of the page.” In this comic, Blueentity is a minor prop, like the Earth in Star Trek:Voyager or Lost in Space; something to drive the story but doesn’t have any real impact until the very end. If revealed too soon, the author runs the risk of ruining the suspense. Now, I don’t have any problems reading the end of the book first, but some readers prefer to not have spoilers (or at least be “warned” by a spoiler alert).

However I wanted to comment since I found the size of the item pile amusing. It’s too small. Four adventurers, and that’s all you’re bringing? (Now, I’m not complaining about the art - there’s no way I could even come close to drawing an appropriate item pile for a group of stalwart adventures.) Since this story is in a quasi-medieval setting, there probably won’t be stores or marketplaces along the way. Unless this party has other assets or they picked up some gold returning from the bar, most of what they need will have to be in Spam’s backpack, or the magically enhanced bag on someone else’s back.

I think I saw a bedroll, but what about the tents? Anyone who’s ever spent at least a weekend outdoors in the rain knows how valuable a dry place to sleep can be. I remember one wet summer trip when the constant rains soaked my tent and sleeping bag. Fortunately, there was a nearby copse of pine trees where the ground in the middle remained surprisingly dry. The ground was a little pokey to sleep on, but I was able to sleep dry.

Preparing for a journey takes a while, whether it is an RPG or real life. There is a d20 game that I have started to run on Wednesday evenings. The players caught a rumor of a vampire in a nearby cave and panicked,

“We need magical weapons.”
“No, we need silversheen for our weapons.”
“No, that’s too expensive. We should just buy silvered weapons.”
“What about the local shrine’s supply of holy water?”
“Can this small village even afford to have this stuff?” and so on. They discussed for close to 30 minutes trying to decide what to bring. There isn’t going to be a vampire for quite some time, but after watching all of their hard work and planning, I’m considering moving it up to reward their efforts.

For real life, trying to get 5 kids and 2 adults ready for a long trip isn’t too bad. If the trip is longer than one night away, make sure everyone has packed clothes and toiletries the night before. Day of trip, pack food and water and we are pretty much ready to go.

It is the, “Oh, wait, we forgot one more thing.” One more thing? I’ve lost track of how many times “One more thing” equals one more hour of packing. Then again, every time I’ve responded with “That’s enough, let’s just go!” inevitably we will arrive and I will ask for the very item “we” forgot. Fortunately Pink is gracious enough to not say “I told you so”.