Yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t the beginning of Chapter 4, but it was just too funny of an idea to put off any longer. I had originally planned this for comic 100, but after some serious thought, decided that comic 100 would be too far away from the original comic and chose to do it now at the end of chapter three. Anyway, as you can read, the idea for this comic came from Pinkentity, so now I must ask this question: What does she have against poor Kleptin anyway? Lol...

I have the first page of chapter four already drawn so the new chapter will definitely begin on Friday. W00t! I have been tossing around a lot of ideas in the past week and Blueentity has been assisting me with some research that is sure to make the comic even better. Thank you everyone for the help!

For the last week, I have been playing Final Fantasy VIII and have been enjoying myself as I make my way through the story line. I am still a little confused as to how all of the little quirks of the game works, but I’m still having fun. On Friday night, I got lost while looking for the next place that I needed to go. By the time I found the area that I was supposed to find, all of my characters had gained several levels. Maybe I should get lost more often. :)









Well, now is as good as a time as ever to post a rant. I promised to explain why I have not been ranting for a while. This do to my new role at work. This year I have taken on a few more responsibilities at work and with those responsibilities comes a lot of prep work. On top of all of the new prep work, I still had to perform all of my old duties as well. This means that I am now doing the work of 2 people. As you can imagine, this becomes stressful and unfortunately, this means that the ranting and sometimes the updating of the site suffers from my stress.

If you wish to yell at me for something that I am missing on this site please email me. You can find my email address on the contact us page.

As you can see, things are starting to calm down a little. *knock on wood* This means that I should find time to rant a little more often. Of course, the last time that I said that, I did not rant for 2 months. I hope that does not happen this time. :)

Have a happy Friday!!