You know you have been reading too much manga if: The scene you are setting up for the comic looks great…. if only the comic would be read from right to left. And you can’t figure out how to flip the image around to make it work to be read from left to right. *sigh* Oh well.

I haven’t even finished #91 yet, since I hit a speed bump in planning. At least I have the script down for this comic and for the next one. I foresee the close to chapter three coming very soon and everything is wrapping up quite nicely for the chapter.

Poor Bubbles got a terrible sunburn during the Labor Day festivities that we attended. One of her shoulders is so burnt that it has started to blister. She’s a tough little one though, since you can actually touch it without it hurting her. Now, if you scrape a fingernail across it, like I did on accident today, then she will let you know that it hurts.

It must be getting too late. I’ve finished the comic since starting this rant and I’m convinced that the word ‘you’ is not spelled right. Time to put the comic away, Purplefire.









Crystal Orange has told me that I need to rant. So here we go...


There, are you happy Crystal? :)

Actually, things have been really hectic, and it has recently gained a gear when August hit. School is starting, and I have spent many hours getting ready for work. At least things will start slowing down as I get into a groove.

I am going to have to try to remember to rant more about my new responsibilities at work, but for now, I will just have to say... I love being a teacher!!!! :)