I’m trying an experiment here. I actually got ahead in the comic! This one was drawn without any pressure of a deadline. I am actually hoping that this will be the start of a small buffer for me. I hope to get another comic drawn this weekend, and then also to draw another comic on Tuesday, making a two comic buffer. I just hope that I do not get lazy and use up my buffer simply because I do not want to draw a comic. If this works, then I am going to put the date that I completed the comic on the page, instead of the date that the comic goes up on the website. *crossing fingers* I really hope this works.

I can tell that I have been studying manga and comics again. I should really start to make a list of what I have been learning with all of my reading lately:
Kingdom Hearts II: I’ve learned a lot about story line and text placement from this manga, as well as how to better draw a guy in a hooded cloak.
Hikaru No Go: Dynamics have been the key thing that I have learned from this series. I have also studied a lot of the art and facial expressions from this comic.
Inverloch: Body positions and panel layouts have been a great help to me from this web comic. Whenever I do any coloring for my comic, this is the comic that I turn to first if I am having any problems.
Whistle!: Making a body moving and breathing. Sure, you can draw a person, but to make them look like they are alive is another thing completely.
Bleach: Character placement within the individual panels. Wow, this one has been a huge help to me lately!
All of the above: A drive to get better!!! I keep going back and forth between first volumes and later pages of the individual comics/manga and I keep noticing how the artist has really honed their craft. If I keep at this thing, my art will keep improving.

Also, facial expressions and angles of the head for everything above. There is more to a character than just staring straight ahead. Eye placement, head tilts, neck bending, mouth placement and even the movement of hair are all key in making a dynamic drawing. I’ve learned so much in the last few months! W00t! Here’s to more learning and improvements!!!









Crystal Orange has told me that I need to rant. So here we go...


There, are you happy Crystal? :)

Actually, things have been really hectic, and it has recently gained a gear when August hit. School is starting, and I have spent many hours getting ready for work. At least things will start slowing down as I get into a groove.

I am going to have to try to remember to rant more about my new responsibilities at work, but for now, I will just have to say... I love being a teacher!!!! :)