Comic #89 for the series and I finally have gotten Kleptin to look exactly the way I have imagined him. How pathetic is that? I never intended him to have a stoop shouldered look, but that is the way he kept turning out whenever I drew him. Finally, I have pulled his shoulders back, hooray! He’s been around since comic #73 and it took sixteen comics for him to look right. I guess better late then never, eh? I really don’t like how he turned out in #88, so I guess that will be another comic to go on my list of comics to redo in the future.

I think I have figured out how to work a new comic schedule. Since everyone in my family has changed schedules lately, the time that I used to draw the comic got skewed with the rest of the normalcy. Now, I think we have sorted ourselves all out. I now have to do the comic while my son is at his half day kindergarten. So, I think I can get two comics done again for next week. At least, keep your fingers crossed! I want to get to comic one hundred before the end of October.

I entered a fan art contest for the Inverloch web comic and I am all nervous about it. I keep thinking one moment that I have no chance of winning, then in the next moment, I tell myself that I did a really good job with my entry and it has every chance of winning. It’s torturous because I don’t want to get my hopes up to win only to be disappointed when someone else does. Lol, and now everyone is thinking that poor Alison is just being mental with herself and she should just let things turn out the way they are meant to be.









Crystal Orange has told me that I need to rant. So here we go...


There, are you happy Crystal? :)

Actually, things have been really hectic, and it has recently gained a gear when August hit. School is starting, and I have spent many hours getting ready for work. At least things will start slowing down as I get into a groove.

I am going to have to try to remember to rant more about my new responsibilities at work, but for now, I will just have to say... I love being a teacher!!!! :)