Thank you everyone for being so patient with me as my family figures out their new schedules. Like I have said in the forums, my son just started kindergarten and Spam’s work schedule changed, so I have been scrambling to fall into a new groove. Yeah, everyone in my family has now thrown off my groove. Does this mean they new get to be thrown out the windows? *chuckle*

Doing today’s comic was interesting. I have a new liking for Dora the Explorer, since I did the comic while my daughter Bubbles watched a couple episodes of the show. Who knew that I could whip out the comic in an hour and a half? Granted, the show ended about fifteen minutes ago and I’m still working. But, Bubbles is doing a very good job of entertaining herself as I finish up.

Whew, this was a heavy text day for the comic, but it couldn’t be helped. It was better to just dump all of the information into one comic rather than to spread it out over two or three.

A couple of minor side notes: I have a couple of chapter cover ideas sketched out in my sketch book. Here’s to hoping that I can draw one of them this weekend! Oh yes, and I have completely redrawn comic #1. Watch for Spam to put up an updated version of ‘Have You Seen the Boys’. W00t!

I am still expecting to get only one comic done for next week. Thank you again for being so patient!









Crystal Orange has told me that I need to rant. So here we go...


There, are you happy Crystal? :)

Actually, things have been really hectic, and it has recently gained a gear when August hit. School is starting, and I have spent many hours getting ready for work. At least things will start slowing down as I get into a groove.

I am going to have to try to remember to rant more about my new responsibilities at work, but for now, I will just have to say... I love being a teacher!!!! :)