I really thought that I was not going to draw a comic today. I really and truely thought that it was not going to happen. I even made a thread on the forums announcing that there would be no comic today. Hee hee, well, as you can see, I became motivated and inspired to make a new comic. This is the side effects of reading manga with great art: You want to make great art of your own. I'm shuddering though, becuase the manga series that I am reading right now is not even my style. The style is not bad, just different. Quite different. I don't want that style to creep into my drawings, or is that silly of me to think that way?

Anyway, enjoy your weekend!









"And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!!" -- Harrison Ford in StarWars: Empire Strikes Back

I thought for sure that I would have more time to rant and play around on the forums during the summer. So far that hasn't happened. It has been a really busy summer. I actually had to force myself to take a week (most of one anyways) off so that I could recharge. Unfortunately, I still have not caought up with everything I need to do at home.

There is one thing that I need to say to everyone that has been checking in with us during this time. Thank you!!!! Have a good couple of weeks!! :)