I decided to write my rant first. Maybe after I get the rant done, I can really crack down and work on the comic. Yeah, I haven’t even done the comic yet as I write this. I don’t have the slightest inkling of what today’s comic will be about or even what dialogue the characters will be using. I am, quite literally, drawing a blank right now.

All of the new school supplies are out now in my area, and they are all on sale too! W00t! I use a three ring binder to keep the hard copy of the comic, and with all of the use it got this past year, the cover is already breaking off. It was time to get a new binder and what better time to get a binder than during school supply season? I also got some tabs to separate the chapters, because I was starting to get annoyed with having to flip through pages to figure out where I needed to be. When I work on a new comic, I usually start reading the archives at the beginning of a chapter to anchor myself as to where my characters are. Well, chapter three is beginning to get some length, not to mention that there are two other chapters in the binder and this all comes down to that it was taking a lot of time to get to the beginning of a chapter. And, as most of you know, I am highly distractible so while looking for the beginning of chapter three, I would end up reading a lot of bits and pieces from the rest of the comic. Hopefully, this new system will work with the minimal amounts of distractions.

One other thing to rant about: Spam is very sneaky. I do not like vegetables. At all. So how is he sneaky? For lunch on Tuesday, he fried up some zucchini and it smelled wonderful. After putting some salt and cheese on the pieces, they turned out to be really good. Sneaky Spam, getting me to eat my veggies. :)

Now that I’ve actually drawn the comic, yes, I had a headache while drawing. At least Spam started laughing when I told him the concept so I guess I can string some coherent thoughts together. Enjoy this On the Set of QFB comic!









"And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!!" -- Harrison Ford in StarWars: Empire Strikes Back

I thought for sure that I would have more time to rant and play around on the forums during the summer. So far that hasn't happened. It has been a really busy summer. I actually had to force myself to take a week (most of one anyways) off so that I could recharge. Unfortunately, I still have not caought up with everything I need to do at home.

There is one thing that I need to say to everyone that has been checking in with us during this time. Thank you!!!! Have a good couple of weeks!! :)