Hey, where’s Spam when I need him for a Friday the 13th comic? Lol…

W00t, I am very pleased with how this comic turned out, particularly the last panel. So many times in the past, the first couple of panels look lovely, but by the time I reach the end of the comic, I have run out of steam and the last panels end up looking rushed. Actually, maybe I should come out and admit it that panel number three was the last panel to be drawn for this comic. Who knew that such a small piece of the comic would require so much planning? I have a whole page in my sketch book of little money pockets, fat pockets, skinny pockets, tapered pockets, straight pockets, round pockets… yeah, you get the picture. I also thought long and hard about if there should be a symbol on the pocket. I finally asked Spam himself that if he had the money pocket, what would he prefer to be on it? It was his decision to have the Mosaic ‘M’ on the pocket, which I do believe adds a nice touch.

On to business: Next week will be a one comic week! QFB will not have an update next Friday due to the fact that Spam and I will be leaving for a weekend getaway in celebration of our wedding anniversary. W00t!

Thank you to everyone who has been voting for the comic! I can tell that there are others besides just Spam and I who are voting at TWC and Buzz. Thank you so much! We really appreciate the support!









"And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!!" -- Harrison Ford in StarWars: Empire Strikes Back

I thought for sure that I would have more time to rant and play around on the forums during the summer. So far that hasn't happened. It has been a really busy summer. I actually had to force myself to take a week (most of one anyways) off so that I could recharge. Unfortunately, I still have not caought up with everything I need to do at home.

There is one thing that I need to say to everyone that has been checking in with us during this time. Thank you!!!! Have a good couple of weeks!! :)