I apologize for the lack of comic on Friday; I honestly could not put my head in the right place to draw. I did the scripting and rough sketching the comic in my sketch book, but that is as far as I got. I just could not got my head in the game. As a consequence, this comic took forever to get done. I planned to get it done over the weekend, but I could not get motivated to draw. Then, I intended to do it on Monday, and once again, I lacked drive to get started. Also, my computer was not hooked up to anything, and I did not feel like taking the time to put the laptop together. Yesterday, I forced myself to buckle down and get the comic drawn. And, of course, the comic I can not get motivated to do, I plan to be very ambitious with eight panels. Am I loopy or what? Hopefully, the next comic will not be so aggravating.

I will be taking time off from the comic this summer, I just have not decided when all of the vacation times will be. I know I will definitely be taking some time off in mid July. Just a heads up for all of you readers out there.









Happy Birthday, Purplefire!!!!!! I love you!!!!