My son and I had a birthday party on Memorial Day since our birthdays are only five days apart and it’s the only day where most of the family has the day off. It’s always at my in-law’s house and it’s always a lot of fun. Both sides of our family get together for food, games, presents and fun! In years past, we have played croquet, tossed around footballs and frisbees, blown humungous bubbles and covered the back porch with all sorts of chalk creations. This year, my brother brought their beanbag game and the adults pretty much played all day with that game. My father and Spam went undefeated as team after team after team went up against them. Yes, I was part of those teams who tried and failed to beat those two. They were unstoppable!

Having a party on Monday completely messed up my week though. I am used to having a day off from the comic on Monday and getting work done around the house. Well, on Tuesday, I was all ready to not work on the comic, do some work around the house and then play some Kingdom Hearts. When I did remember that I had to do the comic yesterday, I ignored my conscious and played Kingdom Hearts. Lol… I was pretty much at a critical point of the game and was dying to know what was going to happen next. Even if I had tried to do the comic yesterday, I would have been so distracted by the game that I would not have gotten any work done anyway. So, I did a lot of work on the comic today instead of yesterday. When I told Spam that I did not have a comic ready, he just told me to get to him as soon as possible and he would put it up. Isn’t he great?

My birthday is on Friday! W00t! I’m excited and looking forward to the day!









Happy 30th Birthday, Star Wars: A New Hope!!!!!!

30 years ago Star Wars opened for the world to see. And the rest, as they say, is history. Modern history. Now, I was fortunate to see the original releases in the theater, or during the re-releases a few years back. However, I do have most of the films memorized and will make an effort to see them again due to the 30 year anniversary.

On another note, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend which means 4 fun and exciting events are happening. There are 2 birthdays that we celebrate. Both are within the immediate family, and there are also 2 big races going on (the Indy 500 and the CocaCola 600). This means that I am going to try to be in front of the tv for a very long time this weekend as well.

Well, happy Friday and have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. As you can see, I will be having fun. ;)