It is really windy where I live today. What am I saying, it’s usually windy. I mean really, really, really windy! Our apartment is right next to a sports field and the wind was picking up the dust and dirt from the field and was carrying it for quite a ways. I was simply glad that I did not have to drive or walk through those dust clouds! The wind is so strong that it is knocking paintings off of my walls. At least it keeps the temperature from getting too warm, right?

I’m not sure if that middle panel works or not, but that is really close to what I had in mind for the shot. At first, I wanted more tables and people, but I reminded myself of my limits and watered it down before I got frustrated with the drawing. It is also really hard to draw characters so small! Eek!

So where has Kleptin gone? Mwa ha ha ha ha! I guess the Mosaic will have to keep searching, eh? Hey, wait a minute, this is the Quest to Find Blueentity, not the Quest to Find Kleptin! :)









Happy 30th Birthday, Star Wars: A New Hope!!!!!!

30 years ago Star Wars opened for the world to see. And the rest, as they say, is history. Modern history. Now, I was fortunate to see the original releases in the theater, or during the re-releases a few years back. However, I do have most of the films memorized and will make an effort to see them again due to the 30 year anniversary.

On another note, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend which means 4 fun and exciting events are happening. There are 2 birthdays that we celebrate. Both are within the immediate family, and there are also 2 big races going on (the Indy 500 and the CocaCola 600). This means that I am going to try to be in front of the tv for a very long time this weekend as well.

Well, happy Friday and have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. As you can see, I will be having fun. ;)