Finally got this one up for everyone, hooray! After completely scratching my original idea, re-scripting, and re-drawing, comic #71 has finally come together! W00t! I think that a lot of my studying has been paying off, as most all of the panels in this comic turned out so wonderfully. :) I have been studying several different web comics and manga, trying to expand my knowledge of drawing and I can see it coming through in my drawings. So, hooray for me, a big pat on the back, w00t, and all that good jive.

My schedule for the week is completely off because I spent Monday drawing the comic. I usually draw the comic for Wednesday on Tuesday. So, I took yesterday off from drawing and played Kingdom Hearts. Today, when I woke up, I thought to myself, ‘Ok, you didn’t draw a comic yesterday, so you need to work on Friday’s comic today.’ I actually kept thinking this all through the morning. It only occurred to me around noon that today is Wednesday, not Thursday. Once I made that realization, I tossed around whether I should work ahead and draw number #72, or if I should get some other things done. The other things that have to be done won that debate. There is some tweaking with the website that I have been wanting to do, I just have not had the motivation or the time. Today is the day to work on all of the tweaks I have been waiting to do. Yea!

I took my kids for a walk today and it was so enjoyable! It’s near 90 degrees F outside but there is such a wonderful brisk wind whistling about today that it did not feel hot at all outside. I did not realize how long we had been walking until we stopped inside a restaurant for my son to use the bathroom, and realized that we had been walking for an hour and a half! Wow! We ended up being out for over two and a half hours. Consequently, I am wiped right now and my kids are also resting. Best thing to do with young children: Wear them out. :)









I have finally come back to the land of the living for a little amount of time. :) If all goes well (really well), I will have to leave the land of reality and go back to the land of sports.

This Saturday is our track sectional, and any athlete who finishes in the top two places, or beats the qualify mark for state gets to compete at the state competition next weekend. I hope my athletes perform to their potential because state would be a good experience for them. We will find out for sure by the end of the day tomorrow.

The track season has caused a lengthy absence from ranting and from the forums that we have. I will try to make a reappearance to the forums over the next week or so. However, Purple and I have been talking about the forums. It does not seem that the forums are being used very frequently. We are considering bringing them down for a while and bring them back at another date. I really like providing a place for people to talk to each other about the comic and other fun things. However, it can be a time drain for us admins to delete all of the junk accounts that the spam bots make on the forum. It would be worth the time if we had more posts than spam accounts, but as of late, that has not happened lately. If you wish to join the forums, please do so. You can either click on the word forums to the left or here. Also, if you have already joined the forums and have not been on for a while, please come back to the dark side. We have cookies!!! :)

If you have any issues setting up an account or getting it activated, please let me know. You can email me at I'll do my best to fix the issue. The more people we have on the forums, the more fun we will have.

Have a good Friday!!!!