I think that I am trying too hard. I want to push myself to be better at my art but I think that I am pressing on too much. I could not put this comic together today at all. I had something completely different in mind for the opening shot for The Green Leaf pub, but I had no idea how to transfer the idea from my head onto my paper. I had this gorgeous view of the pub with wood beams for the ceiling, planks for the floor, lots of tables and people, but alas, I have found a limit to my art right now. *sob* Maybe in a few more months, my technique will catch up with my mind.

Consequently, going with a plan B for the opening pub shot, which then slid down to plan C and then… yeah, can you tell that I did a lot of redrawing and erasing? I know that the comic is particularly messy today and I am sorry, but I ran out of time to do the comic and I really wanted to get this one done for today. On a usual Thursday, I can expect to start working on the comic at 1pm and finish up somewhere around 3-4pm. It was 7:20 when I finished last night. *eek!* So, I feel that the final product got rushed and it’s a tad messier than I would prefer, but at least it got done! Hooray!!

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts II for a couple of weeks now and I have been thoroughly enjoying myself a lot as I play the game. I have been ogling over the story line, loving whacking on heartless and even studying the art and movements of the characters. *sigh* Wonderful game!! Well, on Wednesday night, I am happy to announce that I beat the game!!! All by myself! W00t! It is the first console RPG game that I have beaten all on my own. Spam and I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time together and beat it together, which was a great moment because that was the first game that we ever beat. Kingdom Hearts II is the first console RPG that I have beaten all by myself!!! And I did it!!!!









I have finally come back to the land of the living for a little amount of time. :) If all goes well (really well), I will have to leave the land of reality and go back to the land of sports.

This Saturday is our track sectional, and any athlete who finishes in the top two places, or beats the qualify mark for state gets to compete at the state competition next weekend. I hope my athletes perform to their potential because state would be a good experience for them. We will find out for sure by the end of the day tomorrow.

The track season has caused a lengthy absence from ranting and from the forums that we have. I will try to make a reappearance to the forums over the next week or so. However, Purple and I have been talking about the forums. It does not seem that the forums are being used very frequently. We are considering bringing them down for a while and bring them back at another date. I really like providing a place for people to talk to each other about the comic and other fun things. However, it can be a time drain for us admins to delete all of the junk accounts that the spam bots make on the forum. It would be worth the time if we had more posts than spam accounts, but as of late, that has not happened lately. If you wish to join the forums, please do so. You can either click on the word forums to the left or here. Also, if you have already joined the forums and have not been on for a while, please come back to the dark side. We have cookies!!! :)

If you have any issues setting up an account or getting it activated, please let me know. You can email me at I'll do my best to fix the issue. The more people we have on the forums, the more fun we will have.

Have a good Friday!!!!