Hooray! Back to two comics a week sure feels good! I feel like I have finally turned a corner and have gotten my determination back. The past several weeks have been difficult for me as I lost focus of not only where the comic was going but of life in general. Last Thursday was the first time in several weeks that I felt that life was going all right and that I could make it through the week without losing my mind somewhere along the way. This week, I was so pleased to be excited to be drawing the comic again. W00t! I was also firm in that I was going to do two comics this week, no matter what! Hooray, hooray, thank you, Jesus!!

I was reading another web comic this past week where the author looked forward to special anniversaries, such as comic #50, #100, #200 and even the yearly anniversaries! That got me to thinking, “Hey, the one year anniversary for The Quest to Find Blueentity is coming up quick!” I got out the comic and looked up the date for comic number one and found out that it is almost two weeks until the one year anniversary. Whoa! When did that happen? How have I been doing this for a year already? W00t! Rock on!!!


One last thing of business: We need votes for the Quest to Find Blueentity! Please, please vote at both the Top Web Comics site and at the BuzzComix site! You are able to vote once a day for the comic, so please help and support the comic by casting a vote for us.









My time in the spotlight is over. Yeah!!! Thank you to all who endured that comic. Not to scare you too much, there might be times that I might put another up from time to time. I am really glad that I don't have to do that all of the time. :)

Well, the weather is starting to turn and you can tell that spring is in the air if you look at the kids that I work with, if you know what I mean. This time of year is fun an frustrating at the same time. It is fun because the plants are starting to grow again, and it is almost time to start a garden again. I love that stuff. However, it is frustrating because the last thing the kids want to do is stay inside and learn something. They start to get goofy because they are ready for summer and just want to write off the rest of the time leading to it. That's ok for then, however, we still have a lot of work to do here so they are just going to have to deal with it.

I guess that is all I have today. Happy Wednesday.