For my web comic, I try to post a new comic every Wednesday and Friday, which usually means that Tuesday and Thursday are full of planning, drawing, scanning and in general, getting the comic ready to go up on time. For the past several weeks, I have been having a hard time meeting that type of schedule due to changes happening in our family, stress, depression and a whole slew of other things that I am sure that no one here wants to wade through. Anyway, I have been feeling better since Wednesday (that day off was sorely needed and it really helped to reset myself) and I really did intend to have a two comic week.


Life kind of caught up with me yesterday. Yesterday, my kids and I built a huge blanket fort that used vitually every blanket from all of the beds in the house and even several that were not being used on the beds. I believe the final total of blankets used in the fort was at least eleven or twelve. The fort was huge! It took over the entire area of the room that we have set aside for the computers and for me to draw the comic. It had a second floor, two different entry ways, and separate rooms.We filled it with pillows and a flashlight and eventually, everyone was just hanging out in the fort. Everyone claimed a part of the fort as their 'room' and no one even argued over who got what! My duaghter had the second floor room and my son took what we called the 'Dash sized room'. Our children's favortie stuffed animals even had their own 'rooms'! My husband and I even had enough room to both stretch out in the fort. It was a blast!

I also enjoyed watching my husband play Final Fantasy 10-2 yesterday afternoon. I had planned on drawing the comic after the children went to bed for the night, but my hubbie and I ended up just having some fantastic time with just the two of us. So, I told myself that today on Friday, that I was going to try and bang out a comic. Well, the weather turned nice and my son asked if we could go fly the kites that he and his sister had received from Grandma for Easter. It has been really cold around here since Easter and I had told him that it had to be nice outside in order to fly the kites. Today, he asked that since it was nice outside if we could fly his kite. We tried for a while, but sadly, there was not enough wind to keep the kites in the air. We always have wind here so it is humorous to me to see that there was very little wind here today!

So, to sum things up, real life caught up with me yesterday and I have no regrets for doing some real good playing with my family. Even if it took up my time for drawing a comic, I honestly believe that this was the right course to take.

Happy Friday!!









My time in the spotlight is over. Yeah!!! Thank you to all who endured that comic. Not to scare you too much, there might be times that I might put another up from time to time. I am really glad that I don't have to do that all of the time. :)

Well, the weather is starting to turn and you can tell that spring is in the air if you look at the kids that I work with, if you know what I mean. This time of year is fun an frustrating at the same time. It is fun because the plants are starting to grow again, and it is almost time to start a garden again. I love that stuff. However, it is frustrating because the last thing the kids want to do is stay inside and learn something. They start to get goofy because they are ready for summer and just want to write off the rest of the time leading to it. That's ok for then, however, we still have a lot of work to do here so they are just going to have to deal with it.

I guess that is all I have today. Happy Wednesday.