I have survived the Easter weekend with both the holiday and the junior high lock-in, hooray! The lock-in went very well, as did the massive RPG like scavenger hunt that we did. I came away with several bruises from the event, but happily they are healing nicely and I am able to walk today! Easter Sunday I could barely walk, the muscles in my left leg was so sore. On Monday, I discovered a massive bruise on my leg that was a lovely shade of purple and black, so I think that is part of the reason that I hurt so badly. If any of you read my blog on Monday, you know that I was still hurting and in a bad mood. Well, today is better and yesterday I got a new comic done! W00t!

I’ve been heavily studying several other web comics, trying to improve on how I do things around here. I was greatly encouraged by reading the earlier comics from Megatokyo because Fred does not put backgrounds on all of his panels. That came as a tremendous encouragement because that is an area where I struggle: backgrounds. It is hard for me to devote the time to do a background in every single panel and it felt like I was being lazy for not putting in backgrounds. But, since reading the early Megatokyo comics, I have told myself that it is ok not to have a background for every panel. Hooray! I’ll keep putting my best foot forward and I’ll keep telling myself that doing my best is good enough. :)

Have a happy Wednesday!!









Well, sports season (track and field) has started. It has been a quick ride so far and we are not quite half way through already. Between track season and the Easter weekend, it is quite amazing that I am not flat on my back sleeping trying to catch up.

I would like to take this time to say a couple things that we did at work just before Easter break. Every year, the place I work take a group to an outdoor education center. There we work on team building, eco awarness, and orienteering. For the last two years, I have been one of the guids for the orienteering, and I love it a lot. The course is 2 miles long and we do it 3 times in 2 days. There are a few steep hills and about 4 creek crossings. It just happens that the creek was deeper than the last few years because of all of the rain fall. It was also about 30-40 degrees farenheit cooler than the week before. It still was fun, but it did bring a completely different set of challenges.

I am not sure if we will go next year because the camp has sold to a different company and will not be used for outdoor education anymore. Lucky me, I get to start scouting around for other camps in the area that will allow us to keep this program intact. I guess that is what I get for liking the program so much. Oh Well. :)

Till next time. Happy Wednesday!