I feel that I owe everyone a massive apology and explanation. I am so sorry for the way last week turned out with the comic. I never intended to miss both days of the comic due to stress and overwhelming workload. I could not seem to get my head on straight all week, what with putting together a massive RPG like scavenger hunt for the junior high, taking on another huge project for the Amaranthia web site, and with Spam moving into coaching for track season. Everything put together made my mind go nuts and I literally could not concentrate on putting a comic together. Today’s comic is the result of several days of work, because I just could not get my mind past the stress of the week.

So, now for the bad news: Things are still going to be completely nuts at my place for the next couple of weeks, pretty much until after Easter. I will try my hardest to get up a comic on a regular schedule, but until Remnants the scavenger hunt for the junior high group is over, QFB will hold a tentative schedule. I will try to get the comics done and up, but I have to be realistic and give everyone a fair warning that there are still high probabilities for missed comics until after Easter. Thanks for understanding everyone!

Isn’t Conia so cute? I absolutely love how that village turned out! Pinkentity and I spent a lot of time on Saturday doing research for so that I could have a visual reference to work off of. Does anyone know how hard it is to find pictures of a little mountain village? Every encyclopedia, book, and article we looked up never showed the village, but the people! Pink finally found an image of folk dancers from Switzerland , and in the background was a beautiful mountain village. It was not the best image, but at that point, we were just glad to have a partial image to work off of. I am so pleased that it looks so good!

Happy Wednesday!









I guess I should stop apologizing about not having a rant up everytime that I feel like I should. I have not been very good about getting them up.

I want to take the time to mention that I have had to change the way that I allow people to sign up for the forums. If you sign up, please be patient with me in getting you active. If your account does not get active quick enough for you, please email me at We are having problems with companies or individuals who have decided to put their pill adds on our site. I am working on cleaning these up, but I would welcome any suggestions from anyone who might now how to stop them. Again, you can email me at if you have an idea or suggestion.

Now for the lighter side of life. The weather is getting better and plants are getting ready to start growing again! With this comes sprint sports season. I will be busy this spring, and I hope to be able to rant here more often. However, I am making no promises.

Till next time. Happy Wednesday!