Lol, I have had this gag comic in mind for a very long time. Anyone remember the last gag comic and how I thanked Crystalorange at the end for the idea? Yeah, this idea came on the same night. Milkshakes and no children make for some powerful idea generating material!
The very thought of this comic cracks me up so much! Although, I keep looking at that last shot of me and wondering if I really look like that when I smack myself on the forehead....
Happy Wednesday!








I guess I should stop apologizing about not having a rant up everytime that I feel like I should. I have not been very good about getting them up.

I want to take the time to mention that I have had to change the way that I allow people to sign up for the forums. If you sign up, please be patient with me in getting you active. If your account does not get active quick enough for you, please email me at We are having problems with companies or individuals who have decided to put their pill adds on our site. I am working on cleaning these up, but I would welcome any suggestions from anyone who might now how to stop them. Again, you can email me at if you have an idea or suggestion.

Now for the lighter side of life. The weather is getting better and plants are getting ready to start growing again! With this comes sprint sports season. I will be busy this spring, and I hope to be able to rant here more often. However, I am making no promises.

Till next time. Happy Wednesday!