It’s actually quite difficult for me to come up with the new words that make up the magic words here. I have done a lot of studying on the matter and I still have more questions about the matter than I have answers. Should I base each person’s magic off of a different language to signify the personal aspect of the magic? Should all of the magic be based off of the same language to make things easier for me? Do I use names or specific words? Do I use actual names or do I mess with the spelling and letters to come up with a new word? Grrr, I wish I had more answers than I do questions!

I must apologize for my abysmal work that was posted last Friday. Number 54 has now gotten on my list of comics to re-draw, and it’s pretty close to the top of the list. (Yes, I have a list of the comics that I most want to re-draw.) Ug, I cannot believe that I actually let that comic get posted. So, I am terribly sorry for making everyone look at inferior work last Friday. I worked really hard to make today’s look good!








Wow! 12 days since my last rant. I am sorry for the delay. I have a question for all of you. It is busy enough for you? I have been swamped.

I want to take the time here to mention two things. The first is that this site has been hit over 1000 times since we put it up. Thank you too all whom have visited and continue to visit. With out you, there would be no reason for us to do this.

The second thing that I want to mention, is that there are some new accounts on our forum and at least one of those are having problems getting into the system because the email address that they provided is not working correctly. If you have having problems getting into the forums, please email me at Thank you again for making this worth while.

Happy Wednesday!