Yes, the comic is up early! Since we are in a part of the country that just got buried under a lot of snow, my Spam got to stay home from work today. I worked hard to get this one done on Tuesday so that he could put it up early, because I know that he will have a lot of work to catch up on tomorrow. Here’s to making things a little easier on Spam!!!

Last night, Spam, Blue and I were playing an MMORPG online. We were having a good time, killing monsters and getting a lot of experience but there was one problem. The boys have a special item that makes them walk faster. I do not own that item yet. So, for most of the night, I was playing catch up with the boys. They even left me behind a lot. I composed a little song that kept getting longer each time that the boys left me behind:

I’ve been left behind again!
I can not keep up with the boys!
I try and I try to catch up,
But I have been left behind again.

I think that the tune changed every time I sang it too. J At first it was a ballad, then it became a lament, and then it became a country bard. I think I’ll stick with being an artist and not a musician.









Happy Monday!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for reading the comic. I would also like to thank those of you who vote for this comic on Top Web Comics and Buzz Comix. QFB has been right around 260 on TWC and 200 on Buzz. This has gotten the comic out to more people and that is a good thing.

Ok, enough of the self promotion. I going on a limit number of hours of sleep lately, so I have been just a little exhausted. First, we have the normal schedule which means that I do not get to bed until 11:30 to 12:00 at night and up around 6:00, but then you have to factor in the fact that I have ended up going to bed late (for my schedule) which means no sleep for me until about 1 ish. I do not mind my schedule except for the fact that my body wants to sleep in the middle of the afternoon when I am supposed to be working. It is a wonderful mind over matter thing. Most of the time, thankfully, my mind wins, but the question is for how long will that continue.

Now, I am not trying to make this rant a please pitty me, however, I did want to tell you that if I do not rant as often as I should, that is part of the reason why.

Again, Happy Monday!!