I got this one done before Friday, W00t! I got this one done before Friday, W00t! I am soooo happy to have gotten this one done on time. I don’t know about everyone else, but I was getting tired of late and missing comics, so it is a relief to have this one done! Yea!

I almost did think I would be late again today. I plan, draw, scan and text the comic all during my kids nap time and rest time, which lasts anywhere between two to four hours. Usually, it falls between two and a half hours when my kids decide to get up and prowl around the house. Well, yesterday, I was plugging away on the comic when I happened to look at the clock. Two hours and fifteen minutes had already passed, and I only had two out of five panels of drawings finished. I kicked myself into overdrive and really moved to get the comic done before my kids got up from their nap and rest time. I made it! W00t! And I don’t see any major mistakes yet with the comic! Hooray! (If you see one, don’t rain on my parade yet, ok? Please? )

I keep cracking up every time I see the last panel. *looked at it again and I’m still giggling!* I love how Exotica is so nonchalant about the water can and Crystalorange is taking some extreme evasive action. Lol……

Super Bowl Sunday this weekend! I get to watch……. my kids! And they don’t come with commercials or shoddy half time shows.












It is the weekend! Yeah! :) I made it to Saturday!!

That was my thought process when I woke up this morning. Why would I think such thoughts? Well, it is because things have been quite hectic at work. I have a question for you all. Why is that when people do a poor job at work, they get less work? However, when people do a good job at work, they get more?

It seems like every time I turn around, I am asked to pick up a new project. This isn't bad in itself because that means that I am making myself more valuable to the company. On the other hand, I am also stressed because I am not getting done the things that I want to get done each day. At least that means that I have something to do on the next day. :)

Oh well. I am going to step off of my soap box now.

Have a good weekend!

Oh, have you noticed that we started dating the rants? I did that because there will be times that we will not be able to rant during the week, so to end the confusion of "did I read that one?" and make it easier for you, we added dates to our rants starting with this one.