Ug, I’m late again! This is really starting to annoy me. While I was working on Xanga, I had the comic up on time, with the exception of twice. Now that I’m on my own website, I have been late twice in the past two weeks! Last week, it was the buildings that slowed me down. This week, it was the interior decorating that got me hung up! Will it ever end? J

I actually enjoy interior decorating. My seats and tables may still look a little stiff, but I find it to be terribly fun to design and decorate a room for the first time. I had to keep reminding myself not to get too carried away with chairs, wall hangings and knick-knacks, because if I ever draw the room again, I need to be able to redraw every little detail that I put into it.

I put a lot of thought into what should go inside a common room for a house that will be filled with enchantments, but how to you portray in one frame that something has been enchanted? Unless I wanted to go in a completely ridiculous direction and start drawing in a hyperbole style, I am unable to devote frame space to showing enchanted objects. However, I know what is and what is not enchanted in the room, and should I draw it again, I will be able to show that things have been touched by magic, simply by drawing the objects different. Phew, was that a run-on sentence? I think I’m beginning to ramble…… One more thing about the design: I wanted the look of the room to be different than the Mosaic’s common room or Purplefire’s bedroom. How did I do?













It is the weekend! Yeah! :) I made it to Saturday!!

That was my thought process when I woke up this morning. Why would I think such thoughts? Well, it is because things have been quite hectic at work. I have a question for you all. Why is that when people do a poor job at work, they get less work? However, when people do a good job at work, they get more?

It seems like every time I turn around, I am asked to pick up a new project. This isn't bad in itself because that means that I am making myself more valuable to the company. On the other hand, I am also stressed because I am not getting done the things that I want to get done each day. At least that means that I have something to do on the next day. :)

Oh well. I am going to step off of my soap box now.

Have a good weekend!

Oh, have you noticed that we started dating the rants? I did that because there will be times that we will not be able to rant during the week, so to end the confusion of "did I read that one?" and make it easier for you, we added dates to our rants starting with this one.