Remember how I was saying last Friday that I hoped that the next comic would not be so building intense? Yeah, right, who was I kidding? The characters are still in town, they are still setting a scene, they are still giving information as they walk to the Enchanter’s Guild house. At least for this comic, I did not spend hours on one panel, which was better than the last comic. I also got to add some random people which is nice. It’s nice because I don’t have to name them, or do a character study on them, or assign them a guild. Hooray for anonymous extra’s! However, there is one extra in today’s comic that has been named. The man selling ducks in the second panel is named Sam, and he is in direct reference to one of my brother-in-laws. (No, Sam is not my brother-in-law’s real name. It’s a nickname he has on the MMORPG game, Tibia. J)

*Sigh* I’m sensing that an explanation is in order here J: The Mosaic are all named for members of my family. Purplefire is my character, and obviously, Spam is for my husband. Blueentity is named for my brother and Pinkentity is named for his wife. Crystalorange is named for Spam’s sister. So, a quick explanation is: Pink is married to Blue, who is Purple’s brother. Purple is married to Spam and Crystal is Spam’s sister. Everyone got that? I was most happy to add Sam as a cameo to the comic today. I hope that I can add the rest of the adults in my immediate family to as cameo’s to the comic as well. Yikes, that’s a lot of people! Just counting the adults, there are thirteen of us. Hee hee, well, I’ve already included six of us, so there’s only seven more to go, right?

In other comic and web site news, please note the two new buttons on the side of the web page. Please, please vote for QFB at those web sites! Top Web Comics and Buzz Comix both keep track of a lot of the top comics that are done on the web. The more votes that are cast for your comic, the higher in the standings you will be, and the more likely new people will come and read the comic. As of this rant, QFB’s current standings are 706th (out of 1638) on Top Web Comics, and 622nd (out of over 2500) on Buzz Comix. Cast your vote and help QFB raise higher! You can do it! W00t! (Ug, I feel like I’m back in high school doing a popularity contest! Lol…)



Today I get to show my geeky side. I have two things that I want to rant about today. First, I would like to draw attention to the two new buttons on the left side. I decided, and Purplefire agreed, to post the comics in 2 different top 100 lists. One is called Top Web Comics or TWC for short. The other is called Buzz Comics. If you could take the time to vote for our comic as often as you come to our page, that would be great. I believe that you can vote once per day per computer, but as we found out, if you are using a router for your Internet connection, you will not be able to vote on 2 computers that are connected to the same router.

That was one geeky thing. I was able to talk about routers. The other is a mile stone for our site. Yes, we already hit one milestone. And that is we have already used 100MB of our allotted bandwith for the month. Not to worry, however, we still have more than enough to keep up with the hits on the site. It will be quite a bit longer before we run out.

Well, that is my rant for today. Happy Wednesday!!!!

P.S. The comic being release late was my fault due to the fact that I was swamped with work. I received the comic early enough to post it on time if I had the time to do it. I apologize for the delayed post.