I do not like to draw buildings. I find them to be tedious, especially when you start to add windows, roofs, or gables. Everything has to be so precise and if you are off slightly, everyone notices. I spent more time on panel one than I have spent on the last two comics! I drew so much of it with a ruler that I want to throw my ruler far, far away. But alas, I need that ruler when I block out future comics, so it has been given a reprieve on it’s short life. Hopefully, next week’s comic will not be so building intense. Grrr……



Last night I was working on the website, and two things came to mind. One of the things that came to mind, was I wonder if Purplefire would let me rant on the webpage. On Megatokyo’s webpage, there are 2 rants on the site. One from the artist and one for Shirt Guy Dom. I thought that it might be nice to hear from the person that is putting everything up on the site. That way you might feel more comfortable contacting me if something goes wrong with the site. This also allows me to share some of the strangeness that pops into my mind.

Another thought was that we do not have any members on the forum that are not part of the Mosiac. And I got to thinking that it might be due to the fact that people may not know what a forum is or that we have one. For those of you that might not know what a forum is, it is a chat board where people can go to talk about a massive amount of topics. This website does have a forum and can be reached by clicking here or on the word forum on the left side of the screen. I welcome everyone to come by and stay a while. Purplefire and I have set up a few topics to start with, and you may feel free to add more topics as you wish. The more the merrier. I hope to see you there.

In future rants, my thoughts will probably not be so computer based, but since I am a computer nerd, there will be a few thoughts that involve technology and the like. :)

If you have any problems with me doing a rant please email me here.

Have a good weekend!