Ah, finally a comic that came naturally! I have been struggling with the comic lately, but doing today’s comic was glorious! I knew exactly what was going on, knew what emotions were present and I even knew exactly how the last two panels were going to look before I started planning. It is a nice feeling to feel like I was a little bit ahead on this comic.
This one was so enjoyable to do! I feel like I did this one in half of the time that it has taken to do the last several comics. I really, really like Pink’s determination in the last panel.J Chapter one is done! Wow! Who would have ever thought we would have come to this? Hooray, hooray! So, on Friday, we will start a new chapter and even have the group move to a new location! W00t! Chapter one is done, woo! Chapter one is done, woo! (Can you tell that I am excited to have reached this landmark? )
Have a happy Wednesday!