Happy New Year, everyone! And welcome to the new site! Spam and I are happy to bring everyone the brand new website! The first comic on the new site and the first comic away from Xanga. *yikes* It definitely is the time for new beginnings, eh?
This comic is actually completely trashing the notes that I have for the story, so this should be fun in the coming weeks. J When I wrote the story over a year ago now, there was a certain order to things. Looking at the flow of the story, I have decided to switch some things around. I believe that it will make the story better, but that also means that I have to do some revisions to the story. I am excited about how the story will come out. We are also coming very quickly to the end of Chapter 1, hooray!
Well, have a happy Wednesday, check out the site, read the posts on the forum, drink some hot chocolate and enjoy!
W00t! We are on the new site! Hooray!