Happy Friday everyone! I had a little time this morning and decided to put up the comic. I'll get a rant in this afternoon.

By now (I hope) some of you are wondering why I have gone this direction with the comic today. To be perfectly frank, I was exhausted and still sore from the production from this past weekend. I was ready for a nap when the time came to do another comic. Then the thought occurred to me: Why not do a humorous gag strip?

Where on earth did the idea for this come? Well, one night, my sister-in-law (Crystalorange) and I went out to eat. Over cheese fries, milk shakes, and some serious lack of sleep, we started coming up with the most hilarious ideas for gag strips. She came up with the opening line of braiding hair for Crystal, while I came up with the rebuttal. She also thought of having one of us miss a line. There were more ideas, but I could only fit so many into one strip. Lol, one of the ideas involved a character that has not even been introduced in the comic yet! But the sugar buzz and lack of sleep made for some positively hysterical ideas! So, thank you, Crystal! Your ideas completely rocked today! W00t!

On to some more comic stuff: I will be taking some time off around Christmas from drawing the comic to not only enjoy the Christmas holidays, but to also get ready for the launch of the new website. W00t! Things are running smoothly in that respect and we can not wait to let everyone see it. January 1, 2007 is our official opening day. Right now, we are still doing some construction on the site, and making sure that everything works.

So, in a nutshell, here’s what will be going on in the next several weeks:

December 18, 2006: Regular post

December 20, 2006: Comic #38

December 22, 2006: Comic #39

December 25 – December 31, 2006: no drawings or comics

January 1, 2007: Opening day for the new website! W00t!

Have a happy Friday and weekend!