What a week it has been already! Well, first things first: On Sunday, during our church production, I got moved in the part I was supposed to play. I got moved from being a villager in Bethlehem to being an angel in the manger. (That’s quite a character change!) The angels get to stand over the manger and look pretty, a job which my hubbie says I do well. (Awww, thanks, Spam!) After we finished, I was climbing down from the ladder when I missed the last step of the ladder. I was still hanging on to the wall of the manger, so I pulled my shoulder weird. And, of course, it was my right shoulder, which is my dominant hand. I spent yesterday in such a tunnel of pain that I must apologize for the comic today. It is not my best work, but this is what I was able to do in the state of mind that I was in. Today has been better. I can still feel my shoulder pulling and tightening, but it is nowhere near the pain it was in yesterday.

My little girl Bubbles is down sick today, too. If any of you readers believe in prayer, could you please ask God to help my girl feel better? If you are not a prayer person, just thinking warm thoughts our way will help. Thanks!