Yea! It’s Friday! I love Friday’s!

My hubbie and I are attending a Christmas party tonight, and everyone who is coming is required to bring an appetizer or a dessert. Last time we went to a party, I brought a plate of cheese and crackers. While the dish went over well, and there was no much left to bring home, I wanted to try something a little more creative this time. Also, here’s something many of you may not know: I don’t cook. I can cook, but I do not do too well at it. Well, today I decided to make these little cracker pizzas that looked pretty easy to do. You take tomato sauce, oregano, basil, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni and stack them all together on top of the crackers. Then, you are supposed to broil the mini cracker pizzas until the cheese is melted. I put the crackers in the oven, went to check on my son in the bathroom and came back to a sizzling sound in my oven. I opened my oven and there were the crackers, all a lovely shade of black. Oops! If I had any idea where my camera was, I would take a picture of the blackened crackers and post it. Hee hee, this is why I don’t cook! At least the second batch came out wonderful looking. I tried one that wasn’t so burnt from the first batch and at least they don’t taste too bad! So, I’ll bring fewer of the little pizza’s than I had intended, but I think they will still go over well.

I felt so sorry for Spam in this comic! He looks so forlorn in the third panel that I just want to enter the comic and give him a hug. Really, Spam, it’s all right!

If I have time this weekend, I intend to draw a blueprint of the living room, where the characters are currently located. I have one of Purplefire and Spam’s bedroom and it helped in keeping things consistent between comics.

Production at my church again tomorrow! It should be a lot of fun! W00t!

Happy Friday!