Friday, Friday, Friday!!! I am so happy that it is Friday, no matter that I was up at 5:45 this morning and will probably be up until midnight. But, the good news about the missed sleep is that my hubbie said that I can sleep in tomorrow! W00t! It’s been a good day so far. My son has not had any potty training accidents, (w00t! Go Dash, go!), my hubbie has a day off from work (w00t! Get to spend some time with my hubbie!), my daughter has been cute and I finished the comic for today! Hooray!

All right, all right, I can not contain myself anymore. I mentioned on Wednesday that I had a big announcement for today. And the announcement is: *drum roll*

On January, The Quest to Find Blueentity will have it’s very own web site! Yes, you heard that right! On January 1, 2007, my hubbie and I will be taking a leap of faith and starting our own web site for the comic. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time! We feel that this is the direction that God wants us to go, so we are going to trust that He will guide us through this adventure. Never fear that I am leaving Xanga, I will still post here, but, come January, all of the QFB comics will be posted on our own website. W00t, w00t!
Have a happy Friday, everyone!