Number thirty-two! W00t! I am really enjoying seeing the numbers go up with this adventure. I can not believe that I am still going with this. Just imagine how I will react when I reach comic number 50 or 100. *yikes!* I can not even image getting to comic number 100, but I know that I will.

I did some major rewriting of my script for the comic on Saturday. As many of you already know, I wrote the story entitled The Quest to Find Blueentity last year and posted it on the Amaranthia web site. Obviously, I had some great feedback for the story, which is one of the reasons you are reading the comic right now! However, my brother and sister-in-law noticed a looming plot hole at the beginning of chapter three. I am happy to say that I have thought long and hard about it and that I have (hopefully) filled in that hole. I have also rearranged two of my chapters, which will require me to back into the story and do more rewriting. All in all, I think that the changes from the original text will make for a better story. I now have a better appreciation for what screen writers have to do for their job! Sometimes it is hard to translate what looks great on paper into images.

My church is doing a major production this weekend, of which both my husband and I are involved. There will be a comic on Friday, however, there will be no image on Monday. There will be two comics next week, never fear, but there will be no image to look at on Monday. Thanks for understanding!

Also, one of my friends from Amaranthia has joined Xanga! W00t! If everyone could go give a big hello to TsisOfAmaranthia, that would be great! Welcome to Xanga, Tsis! W00t!

It will be December on Friday! Can anyone believe it? On Friday, not only will there be a comic, but also a big announcement from me! W00t!

See everyone on Friday!