Yes, I know this is Thursday still, but the comic is done, the rant is done, so I decided to put it up tonight instead of tomorrow. Enjoy!

Another archive day! W00t! I can not believe that we are already to comic number thirty! Is it me, or did this archive day arrive much quicker than the last archive day? Oh yeah, it did come a lot quicker, because I have moved to drawing two comics a week now! Yea!

I had a lot of ideas running through my head for comic number thirty-one today. I had to keep reeling myself in and concentrate on drawing comic thirty. I am also very glad that Crystalorange has a lovely shot this comic. Sometimes it is hard to introduce new characters. I always ask myself if everyone caught who is who and whether or not they look enough like their own person. I do not want to have a bunch of Purplefire clones running around the comic!

The comic is growing! When I finish drawing a comic, I print out a hard copy for myself, put it in a page protector, and then place it in a three ring binder. The pages in the binder keep growing! I was flipping through it today, marveling at how many pages there are. W00t! Thank you, Father, for keeping this thing going! I can not believe how well this is going, so this must be by Your hand. Thank you for all of the ideas, inspiration and help I have received so far on this. W00t!

The comic will only have one entry next week! Something about a holiday next week.