Wow, we are a very huggie type family, aren’t we? Sometimes I am well aware of all of the times that we hug each other, and other times it surprises me. This was one of those times. When my family gets together, what do we do to greet each other? We give out hugs! I am glad I could incorporate that into the story.

I am also happy that I got to show Spam and Crystalorange again. I was beginning to get impatient with just featuring Pink and Purple. The four amigos are back together, w00t! I know, I know, later in the comic, I will probably be writing about how frustrated I am that I have to remember to include all four of us in conversations and panels. Lol….

Friday’s comic should be easier, right? I have struggled with the last two comics now, mostly with the problem of ‘How do I portray this line or emotion?’ Friday’s will be really good, I promise everyone! W00t! Friday will also be an archive day, since we will have reached comic number 30! Hooray!!!

On a side note: While it might not seem like a big deal to some, I found my headphones! Hooray! I have not been able to find them since we moved in July, and I was beginning to think that we had thrown them away. I would not blame anyone if they had been thrown away, since both ear pieces have broken off from the band, but if you slide the broken pieces back where they should be, they will stay in place until you remove the headphones. Anyway, when I would write stories while my children took their naps, I would plug in the headphones, blast the music and type away. I took the summer off from writing, intending to start back up again in the fall. Unfortunately, I have not gotten back into my writing, which has made me sad every time I think about it. But, I found my headphones this week! W00t! I put them on today and I am feeling the biggest urge to lose myself in writing. Yea! So, after I post today, I believe that I will go write some more in a fan fiction that I have been sporadically working on for the Amaranthia website.