I did something pointless, just because it was something that I wanted to know. The Quest to Find Blueentity has 109 panels drawn for it so far. Being that this is comic number twenty seven, there has been an average of four panels per page. (The official number is 4.037037037….) I am actually quite pleased with that number. When we had turned over to twenty comics, my husband and I did a panel count and found that I was not even averaging four panels per comic. I wanted to raise that and W00t! I have! W00t! (Yes, I am celebrating such a small thing, but I like to take my celebrations where I can!)

I am in a quandary as to where I am going to end chapter one. According to my script, chapter one is pretty close to being done. However, I wanted to have longer chapters to the web comic than just shy of thirty, so I believe that I will be combining chapter one and two of the script into one chapter in the web comic. I have been studying other graphic novels/web comics to see how long their chapters are, and it there appears to be no set standard as to how many comics should go in a chapter. I suppose that this is yet another area in the comic that I will discover when I get to that bridge.

One more rant about the comic: I would love to draw a comic without having so many other books scattered around me! When I draw the comic, I usually have at least two, if not three other books around me, mostly for visual references and inspiration. Hopefully, I will be able to do a comic without reference material someday!

It’s Friday, or it will be Friday when this gets posted. It’s still Thursday where I am at, and I decided to get my rant done ahead of time. W00t! All I have to do tomorrow is cut and paste! W00t!

Have a happy Friday all! W00t! The weekend!

P.S. Is it me, or are my rants getting longer?