What is this style shift? Yes, you're still reading The Quest to Find Blueentity but this is a redone page! There are a few pages here in the beginning that I have intended to redo, I just haven't gotten around to updating pages until now. Usually they include misspellings or things that needed to be changed for story continuity. Please enjoy this updated version of page 26!

((P.S. If you really want to see the old version, click here: Original Page 26)) ORIGINAL RANT I despise time change weekend. I wish that we could just get rid of it once and for all. For those of you who do not know, I live in a part of the United States that observes Daylight Savings time every April through October. The weekends that we either gain an hour or lose an hour are awful. Whoever decided to put this nutty law into business had no small children or animals, because, to them, once they are on a schedule, nothing will deter them from it. Both of my children have been grumpy since we have changed hours and it is really starting to grate on my nerves. I finally sent my son to his room today and told him that he needed to go back to bed.

I got to draw a map for the comic today! That was fun. I had several books out to make sure that my map really looked like a map. Two were fantasy books that had a map of the imagined world printed inside the book covers and the other was an atlas. I hope that I did the map some sort of artistic justice. I had notes flying all over while I was drawing, because I needed to make sure that everything that I have said in past and future comics will line up properly.

I think that I have started to get wiser with what I put in my comics. I have realized that whenever I visit a place for the first time, that whatever furniture, artwork, knick-knacks, books, shelves, or other paraphernalia I draw will have to be included in future comics that are in the same setting. I did not realize that when I first drew Spam and Purplefire’s bedroom. Lol, the amount of time that I spent grumbling about all of the small details I need to remember put into that room! While I have grumbled, I think that it is the details that really make a picture stand out. Am I making sense to anyone or am I just rambling here? Oh well.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone! Halfway through the week, woohoo!