W00t! The two comics are up and going this week! I find that while I may grump about having to draw a comic, once I get involved with drawing, I enjoy the task immensely. I will often lose track of time and do not notice how many minutes have slipped by until my children make some type of noise (I draw while they take a nap and a rest. ).

Today's comic was fun. I had no idea what I was drawing until pretty much right before I sat down to do it. I finally asked God to give me the ideas when the time was right, and He did! For some reason, Indigo gave me problems this week. Her hair and the star on her forehead were giving me problems for some reason. That, and I set her eyes too far apart when I first drew her, so that threw her entire face off as well. But, in the end, she worked out! W00t! The last panel turned out so beautifully, that I am a little surprised. I am always a little surprised and pleased when a drawing turns out so well.

I painted this morning. Paint, honest to goodness paint, on a canvas. I would have kept painting, but it needs to dry before I can do anything else!

Happy Friday, everyone!!