Yes, you are looking at the correct website. Yes, it is Wednesday. No, you have not traveled to another dimension. There is really a QFB here on my site today.

My husband and I have been praying about the direction that we should be going with the comic and the web site lately. We have both been having the same idea that I need to go to doing two comics a week for some time, but we were unsure of when that was to start happening. In my mind, I would not start to do two comics a week until December or January. So, imagine my surprise on Monday, when I am praying to God about when I should start to do two comics a week, and He said, ‘Now.’ I was a little flabbergasted to say the least, and spent the next few minutes making sure that was what the Father really wanted. When I was certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was truly the direction God wanted me to go, I began asking what day the second comic should be. Before, when I had thought about doing two comics a week, I had tossed around doing the second comic on Tuesday. However, God had something else in mind and wanted it to be done on Wednesday. I have already established that I post a picture on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so why should that change? It made sense to me, and it solved a few other questions that I had for the Lord as well. So, if any of you think to pray for us, please pray that the Father will reveal His will about the web site to us.

I will still post a picture on Monday. The rest of my week just became fuller! Post a picture on Monday, draw a comic on Tuesday, post a comic on Wednesday, draw a comic on Thursday, post a comic on Friday. Whew!

Lots of changes lately for the comic! I have tagged every single comic now, so it is available to find under tags here on Xanga. I have also changed my drawing format. Previously, I had drawn each panel on a separate sheet of paper. Then, I would scan in each picture and try to cut, paste, squish, stretch, and, in general, make the images fit where I wanted them to go. For the past three comics, I have taken a full sized sheet of paper (8 ½ x 11) and drawn the entire comic on one sheet of paper. The only thing that I am doing in Photoshop is minor cleanup, resizing (since 8 ½ x 11 is rather large), and putting in the word bubbles and text. It has made for a more efficient way of doing things, and I am very happy with the change. More changes are in store, and I will keep everyone informed as to what is happening as things become more clear to both my husband and I.

I suppose that I should clarify my question on Monday: If I make a blogring for ‘The Quest to Find Blueentity’, would any of you Xanga-ers join it? I would not want to be the only one on the blogring. Please comment your thoughts on this! If no one will join, then I will drop the subject and it will simply go down in the archives of my Xanga site as a good idea. If I will have some joiners, then I will make the blogring and go from there.

Goodness, have I taken an entire page blabbing about the comic already? *blushing* I guess that I had lots to rant about today! Have a happy Wednesday everyone!