Friday, wonderful, Friday! I hope that everyone is having a good Friday so far! My children and I have had some fun today, as we have played in a pile of pillows, and my son and I started to put together a Christmas project for a family member. I can not find my glue, which I needed for the project, but I could find white paint. So, we used white paint for the project. I put the paint on and he stuck the paper on the item. You do what you have to do. I also had some glow sticks that I had bought last year for our junior high lock-in and played with them in the bathroom. My children keep giggling in the dark while waving their glow sticks around. It was a blast!

This week, I tried something different with the comic. Usually, I draw each panel on a separate piece of paper, then scan them in and fiddle around with them on Photoshop. Often what happens is that I am resizing the panels, stretching them or shrinking them to make them fit, or I will have drawn either too much or too little and will have to deal with the problem of cropping. This week, I decided to take a sheet of paper and draw the entire comic on one sheet of paper. The only thing I have added in Photoshop are the borders, the word bubbles, and the text. It was so nice not to have to scan in oodles of pictures! The only thing that I have to work on a little more is the planning of the comic and also the proportions. Other than that, I think it worked so well that I will try this new technique again next week. W00t!

Have a happy weekend everyone!