Thank you everyone for being patient with me yesterday! I really thought that I was not going to get this up today at all, but, hooray, hooray! It’s done and here! Yea! Thank you to Darkside187 for your Jedi Mind Trick boost! And, also, thank you chasnfireflies for the encouragement. W00t! I am so happy that the comic is done!

Although, isn’t it typical… I planned an ambitious comic today (six panels! Count them! Six!), and it felt like I was hitting a brick wall every time I tried to start drawing the silly thing. I probably should have planned something a little less drawing heavy, but I was being stubborn and did not want to re-plan the whole comic. That, and I knew the idea I had would work! The panel I had the most issues with is the panel that shows Purplefire drinking from the cup. Ug! How on earth do you draw someone drinking? I should have gotten someone to pose for me, or even taken a picture of myself doing it so that I had a reference. ß There’s something to remember for the next time I am having problems translating what is in my head down to paper.

Next week is comic 20! W00t! Comic 20 already, that is so very cool! I even know what I am doing next week for posts! On Monday, I will be posting at least three sets of avatars and signatures based off of Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks for requesting to see those, BondServantofChrist! On Wednesday, I am planning on posting ‘The Evolution of a Comic Panel’. The post will involve looking at the various stages of one of my comic panels, from conception, beginning with the free sketch I have in my sketchbook, all the way to what everyone sees as the finished product. Then, of course, on Friday, I will have the next comic, but it will also be an archive day! Next Friday will be an archive of the last ten comics, along with a link to the archive for the first ten comics.

W00t! Happy Friday everyone!!!