How fun it was to draw Purplefire saying, “Ewww!” Yes, in real life, I really do not like tea! I find it bitter.

I originally had a foul panel comic planned for today, but the fourth panel was not working. So, I scrapped the fourth panel and worked with a three panel set. I am glad that it worked out so well! Hooray! I had also planned for Purplefire to have her tongue sticking out, but that was not working, so she just has a pout.

Any of the readers out there remember a cartoon from the eighties called the ‘Pound Puppies’? I have to admit, when it was showing on air, I was obsessed with the show. I drew the puppies, I made up stories about the puppies, I memorized the tv shows (of which the first season is definitely the better of the two seasons), I played the puppies with my sister and cousins and had some of the toys. I got some of the tapes off of E-bay several of years ago and now, my son has been watching and enjoying the Pound Puppies! I have been watching the cartoons lately and been laughing at all of the jokes and puns along with my son. It is very fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!