I completely bonked this week on the comic. Last night, at about 6pm, I realized that it was Thursday and that I had done nothing on the comic yet! ~yikes! I can’t imagine how on earth that I could have forgotten. (ß Notice the sarcasm there) Between my husband went back to work, my children had doctor appointments, along with getting shots, and feeling exhausted by mid afternoon, I have no idea how doing the comic could have slipped my mind. But, I am happy to report, that it got done! I was drawing every chance I got get this morning. I actually got two panels done last night between 11 and midnight, one more done during breakfast and the other two done while my son watched a movie and my daughter napped. I cannot believe how quickly the comic fell into place today. W00t! Thank you, God for that!

And, what is this, I put up flashback drawings and no one wants to comment anymore? (ß Notice the sarcasm again. It’s been a long 48 hours! )

Hope everyone has a great weekend!