Number fifteen! For those of you that do not live in my house, or just don’t know, fifteen is my favorite number. I wrote a story once that my husband read, and he kept chuckling about all of the fifteen references that I tossed in. So, if you see a fifteen slipped in the story from now on, know that it is purposeful and that it is my favorite number.

In my script, I finally reached the end of page one! W00t! I do believe that was part of my problem last week, I was getting bogged down with still being on page one of the script. This week marks the coming of page two! Hooray! Being that I have 27 pages worth of script, now we can start making plans for how long this thing is going to be! So, if there is about fifteen comics per page, we can assume that there will be about 400 pages for the whole comic. Yea! I have a number to work with now!

Have a great weekend!