This comic gave me more problems than I care to admit this week. The planning was fine, the execution was insane. I had to sit down and act out what actions I was drawing this week, freezing the key actions so that I could figure out how to draw them. It was quite annoying and would have been embarrassing if anyone had seen me, but thank goodness that the children were napping and my husband was out on an errand!

After I got the drawings done, I scanned everything in and starting working on putting the comic together. I found out that my troubles were not over yet! Photoshop crashed on me and I discovered so many mistakes in the drawings that it probably would have been better to get the original drawings back out and fix everything on paper. But, I was stubborn and decided to sludge through rectifying all of the errors through Photoshop. So, note to self: When you find that many blunders in the comic again, take the time to go back to the original drawings, redraw, and rescan the images!

I got so utterly frustrated with the comic yesterday that I shut down Photoshop and hopped on the online MMORPG, Tibia. After an hour of killing monsters, then a couple of more hours playing with my children, I felt better. I was able to get the comic done last night and it looks marvelous! W00t!

I know that I mentioned this in the last post, but, it is worth mentioning again: I changed the look of the web site! What does everyone think? I am quite pleased that the background turned out so well. I have had the idea for a viney background for a while, but I just had not sat down to do it. If anything needs more tweaking, let me know and I will see what I can do!

Have a happy weekend!