W00t! I think I’m on a roll getting these up early! Or do I have yet another Friday looming so full that I felt the need to pull together a comic early? The second answer is correct! Tomorrow, the family is, yet again, packing up and leaving in the early morning and not coming home until late. As I said in an earlier post, I am the craft director at the VBS my church is doing. Tomorrow is not only the last day, but also the closing program. I am going to be going pretty nuts tomorrow. *bonking head on desk* What am I saying, I am already going nuts today! Thank goodness that my hubbie volunteered to help prep for tomorrow’s project.

Next week should be back to almost normal. At least, I hope that it is close to normal again. *eek!* I do not plan on volunteering for any last minute projects this week, so posts (and my household) should be back to its regular schedule.

Happy weekend everyone!