Yes, unbelievably, the comic is up early this week! All of a sudden, I realized today that my family is leaving tomorrow morning at 7:45am and not returning until late tomorrow night. So, I said to myself, "Whoa! I need to get the comic done today and get it up tonight! There won't be time tomorrow morning!" There was no question of whether or not the comic would get up today. I knew that after making everyone wait last week and I absolutely could not make everyone wait again this week!

And, eek! I just caught a type-o in the text of the comic this week! Ug, make that 2! Oi vey, I can not have that happen! I will get those errors fixed next Monday. I am terribley sorry for the sloppy editing job that I have done on this comic. I think that today has gotten too long! Note to self: Don't try to do a comic when your brain is trying to shut down! lol!

For those of you that have been reading the comic, and would like to comment or ask a question, but are not members of xanga, feel free to E-mail me at Be sure to put in the subject line that you are commenting about the web site or comic, or I might send it off to the junk mail bin.

Pirates of the Carribean was a good movie, although I did not think that it was as compelling as the first movie. It was not an awful sequal however, so don't let my saying that it was not as compelling as the first scare you away from seeing it! It was a really good movie and I enjoyed it. It's quite a bit more intense, dark, and scarier than the first movie, so be prepared for that if you haven't seen it yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!!