Hooray, hooray, hooray!!! A new comic! Hooray! Finally! Hopefully, this week will somewhat get back to normal for everyone. I know that I am craving some normalcy something fierce. Between still adjusting to the new house, to figuring out how long the washer and dryers in our new building run (driers usually take an hour, right? *scoff*) to fighting the hordes of ants that have decided to make our kitchen their home (I don’t think that we will be watching the new movie “The Ant Bully” anytime soon. ), my whole family is ready to figure out what the heck we are doing.

A benchmark day for The Quest to Find Blueentity! Comic number 10!! W00t! As an added bonus, today’s rant will contain the achieves of all of the comics so far! W00t!

My ankle is getting better. It’s still not totally well, but it’s good enough to get around on for now. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and patience with me while I try to make sense of my topsy turvy life. You guys are great!!!

P.S. Hopefully, today I will be able to visit all of your sites and see what’s going on with everyone. That’s part of the plan for getting things back to normal!