Surprise, surprise, I got another comic done! I know that this is usually not the day that I post, but I feel that when you are moving, you do what you can! I also know that I cheated quite a bit when I made comic number nine a one panel affair, but this is the idea that I had and I think that it turned out quite nicely. I am trying to make my comics different and not have the same pattern each time. Most of the time though, I have an idea of how I want the page to look and I go from there. I drew this entire page while at the library yesterday, so hooray, hooray! I got the next one done ahead of schedule!

I hope that everyone enjoys their ‘bonus’ comic today. I honestly did not expect to get any comics up until July 14th, which is when I expect to have the next comic up. Please still bear with me as my family and I work through our moving.