I need to make this quick today. I hurt in a lot of places, and it’s a little painful to type. It was fun to put the comic together too! I do some touch up of the pictures and put in the arrows that indicate who is talking on the word bubbles by hand. Well, yesterday, I fell missed the last step of the concrete stairs outside our building and fell. I was carrying my daughter as well, so I was trying to fall so that I took the worst of it. (At least, I think I was. I do not remember what happened from the moment I missed the step until I was on the ground and my daughter was crying.) My daughter still has a scrape on her knee and a tiny scratch on her head, so I didn’t save her from most of the fall. I tore up my hand, knee and bruised my shoulder. Needless to say, it hurts to type.

Today begins my two week (possibly three, yikes! I love the rigors of moving, right?) sabbatical from posting on xanga. There is a possibility that we will have to bunk with family before we get into a new place. Should that happen, my time off may be longer. I am crossing fingers and sending up prayers that we don’t have to do that. It’s hard enough explaining to my four year old that his house will not be his house anymore. If you are a prayer person, please, please, please, pray that we are able to move into our new place right away without any hassles.

I may check in on all of your sites while I am gone, but I am not promising anything. Have a great couple of weeks everyone!

Number of Photoshop Crashes while working on this week’s comic: 1 (Only 1! Woohoo!)