Whew, I have a few things to rant about, and I need to remember to do them all! I actually sat down and made a list so that I would not forget anything. Maybe I should type them out so that everyone can keep me accountable in case I forget something!

To rant about:

The comic itself

GMT deadline

Taking time off at the end of June/beginning of July

Explaining the connection between Star Wars and the number 1138

All right, let’s go!

I struggled with the first panel of the comic for several days. I went through a book full of house plans, and looked up renaissance manors to get some ideas. I saw some neat plans, and wonderful looking homes, but nothing was fitting the vague vision I had of the Mosiac’s house. (Brief explanation: Blueentity, Pinkentity, Purplefire, Spam, and Crystalorange are all part of a group called ‘The Mosaic’. We were named as such on the Amaranthia forums since we are all family and have something to do with color.) In an odd twist of fate, I have been playing The Sims on my computer lately. Yesterday, I had a flash of inspiration! I should make a new family for my Sim neighborhood, called the Mosaic, and build them a house, complete with stone work! The house turned out so perfectly, that I was wondering why I had not thought of building the house on the Sim program first! So, we have a lovely house for panel 1 thanks to the Sim Building Editor! If I ever need another house for the comic, I am going straight to that program! Lol! As a side note, the house in the comic is supposed to be stone work, but I could not figure out how to draw that. If everyone could use their imaginations for this one instance, I would be most grateful! Thank you!

I have been noticing on the footprints section that many of my readers are from around the world, some hailing from the Czech Republic and even some from Hong Kong and New Zealand. I believe that I said, a couple of weeks ago, that I would get the comic up on Friday at 4:00pm EST. For those viewing around the world, that would convert to 8:00pm GMT, or 20:00. Hope this helps those that are on the other side of the world!

Now on to the bad news for all you readers out there. *yikes!* (Should I find a barricade to hide behind? Lol..) At the end of June, my family and I will be moving out of our apartment and into a new place. I would love to say that I would be on top of things and that I will work madly ahead of time in order to have pictures and comics to post on the appropriate days, but I need to be realistic. If I have a post ready to go during that week, I will get it up, but for now, I need to say that there will be no posts from Monday, June 26, through Friday, July 7th.

One more thing to go, everyone! Bear with me please!

On Monday, I posted a small picture of my counter that had the numbers 1138. I had asked if anyone had known the significance of 1138 in relation to the Star Wars movies. Javadawn was close when she suggested that George Lucas’ first movie to direct was THX1138. That is where the story starts! In every Star Wars movie, there has been some reference to the number 1138. I know where the number is located in three out of the four movies, the easiest to recognize being a line in Episode IV. The scene is when Han and Luke, donned in stormtropper gear, enter Princess Leia’s prison level, hoping to fool the guards into thinking that Chewbacca is a prisioner. “Where are taking that …….thing?” Luke: “Prisoner transfer from cell block 1138.” Many Star Wars fans, when they sell items on E-Bay, will end their auctions at 11:38.

Whew! That’s all folks! Sorry for the terribly long rant, but I needed to talk about a lot of things today. Did I forget anything?

Have a great weekend! (What’s left of it, after reading my excessively long rant……..)